Updates on (20190109)

Merging two Companies

This release mainly features a the possibility to perform a merger of two companies.


A merger unites two companies into one. The acquiring company takes over the acquired company. For performing a merger a poll has to be iniated in advance.

Iniating a merger poll

Initiating a merger poll will ask the company's shareholder for merging the company into the currently selected company of the poll initiator. The shareholders have to accept the maximum cash to be paid to them offered by the acquiring company. With the start of the poll a special purpose company is founded and the needed amount of cash is transferred to it. If the poll succeeds, a merger is announced and all running polls of all kinds are cancelled. After that starting new polls is not possible until the merger is over. 

The Merging Process

During the merger the company's portfolio positions are transferred to the acquiring company. The average buying price of the positions is preserved while transferring the pieces to the portfolio. All achievements that the acquiring company has not reached yet are transferred from the acquired to the acquring company. In case that the acquired company is a bank the acquiring company gets the banking license as well. Existing bonds of the company are kept and the issuer changes to the acquiring company.

Running mergers on overview pageGroup Chats

Group chats and 1on1 chats get a bigger icon left to the chat's name to make it more obvious.

Group chats

Updates on (20181128)

CEO Resignation & Corporate Actions Page

With this smaller release offers you the possibility to resign as CEO and to check on-going corporate actions.

Resign as CEO

In case you do not want to control a company anymore you can use the resign as CEO button on the company profile.

Resign as CEO

The system automatically makes the next shareholder with the biggest share the new CEO. If this is the current CEO, the next shareholder will be picked. If there is no other shareholder left the company will employ the Alphabanker who eventually liquidates the company. In case the shareholder is a company and not a private investor the system picks the shareholder company's CEO as the next CEO.

Current Corporate Actions Page

For a market overview of current corporate actions a pager has been added.


The page shows current capital increases, capital reductions and dividend payments.

Curent Corporate Actions

Updates on (20181121)

A new Team Member, Capital Increases, Capital Reductions and Dividend Payments

We like to welcome SerjTsipras as a new member of the alpha team. He joins the Stock Exchange Supervisory as Head of Market Mechanics Research & Development.


He is well-known for his expertise in market fundamentals and his ambitions in developing new market mechanics. Despite his pursuit of perfection he although knows how to manage communities with a considerable number of participants. Welcome to the team, Serj!

Capital Increase

The market now offers three new kinds of corporate actions. Capital increases, being the first, can be initiated by starting a capital increase poll. This can be done by the CEO of the company.

Capital increase poll

A capital increase allows a company to increase the size of its equity capital by issuing new shares. It can offer subscription rights to the shareholders. By doing so the company allows existing shareholders to draw new shares before the open market does. This subscription period takes one day. At its end the remaining shares are offered to the public. The existing shareholders are offered new shares in relation to their share.

Example: 50,000 outstanding shares, $1,000,000.00 maximal cash volume of the capital increase and a price of $10.00. The subscription ratio would be 1:2. That means for every existing share a sell order over 2 pieces at a price of $10.00 will be placed. The orders for the existing shareholders are placed as over-the-counter (OTC) orders and will be removed after one day.

A capital increase does not necessarily need a subscription period. If the shareholders vote in favor of a capital increase without subscription rights, the orders will be placed at the open market right away.

Corporate actions on company profile

The current corporate actions are shown on the company profile. Here you find links to the founded special-purpose companies which coordinate the process of the corporate action.

At the end of the capital increase the special-purpose company is liquidated and the remaining new shares are cancelled.

Capital Reductions

Where capital increases allow a company to increase its equity capital, a capital reduction allows reducing it by cancelling existing shares.

Capital reduction poll

With the start of the poll a special-purpose company is founded and equipped with the needed cash funds. If the shareholders vote in favor of the proposed capital reduction the special-purpose company will offer them to buy shares back (and eventually cancel them) for  the proposed price. This happens using over-the-counter (OTC) orders. Remaining funds will be paid back to the reducing company after the end of the capital reduction and redeemed shares get cancelled.


Dividend Payments

The third corporate action serves as a measure to distribute profits to shareholders.

Dividend payment poll

The company will pay a maximal cash volume to the shareholders in relation to their share. The money is split according to the share and rounded down to whole cent amounts.

Polls on Company Profile

The currently active polls for a company are now shown on its profile page.

Company polls

Improvements of Sidebar & Market Pages

The right sidebar shows the numbers of likes, dislikes and comments of a news or board posting.

Right sidebar

The frequently traded page offers to filter for stocks and bonds.

Frequently traded

So does the top trading volume page.

Top trading volume

Polls Dates

The polls page now also shows when the result of the poll expires. After reaching the result expiration date a poll is deleted.

Result expire date

Updates on (20181022)

Performance Optimizations, Company Logos and Market Tables

This minor release serves as preparation for an upcoming big release with corporate actions. Stay tuned!

Company Logos

If a company has no logo the website will generate a company logo by itself.

Generated company logo

Market Tables

The headlines of the right sidebar sections are links to several market tables which can be accessed from the left sidebar navigation as well.

Left sidebar

All links lead to pages containing a table with detailed information.

Top trading volume

Updates on (20180930)

Android App, a New Team Member & Changing a Company's Name

Short after the last release the next one is available. This time featuring the brand new android app available in the Google Play Store, Cerebro974 as our new Head of Community Management and a new poll for changing the name of a company.

The Android App does not only offer the PWA and a messaging app in the Google Play Store, there is a new android app there available too. Thanks to our UI developer of the first hour the Senior Developer of Mobile Technologies taker93 we are now able to provide you an even better mobile experience.

The new android appThe app is available in the Google Play Store.

Cerebro974 - the Head of Community Management

Cerebro974 joins as new Head of Community Management. His wealth of experience and knowledge as community manager has already made him a key addition to the Alpha-Trader family. We proudly welcome him and are looking forward to working together with him.

Card image cap


He is also an official member of the Alpha Trader Network with his partner website.

PTMChange Company Name Poll

The CEO of a company can now ask the shareholders to accept a new company name. If the CEO has more than 50.0% of the voices the poll is executed right away.

Change a company name

What is Alpha Trading?

Alpha is the excess return of an investment in relation to the return of a benchmark index. It shows how much an investment beat a benchmark. If you keep on beating the market you are a alpha trader and your strategy can be called alpha trading.

Updates on (20180923)

Minimal Statistics & the Right Sidebar

In this release for our beloved market simulation game we focused on two new features: Minimal statistics and a second sidebar with a lot of interesting market information for the right side.

Minimal Statistics

In the upper right corner you can now get some current statistics about the market.

Minimal StatisticsYou can see how many users are online, how many users are registered overall, the number of existing companies and the number of trades of the last 24 hours with the corresponding trading volume in braces.

Login site with minimal statistics

Those statistics are even presented on the login and registration page to show unregistered and currently not logged in users that there is ongoing trading action in this trader simulation game.

The Right Sidebar

The new sidebar on the right offers traders compact information of the market.

Hiding the Sidebar

It's possible to use the small triangle button next to the minimal statistics to hide the sidebar. The sidebar will stay hidden as long as you do not click the toggle button again. If the layout on the left demands too much space or if you are using a small screen (smartphone or tablet for example) the sidebar will automatically hide itself. In contrast to you clicking the button this is just temporarily until there is enough screen space available to display the sidebar.

The first part of the Sidebar

Most information displayed in the right sidebar should be self-explanatory. In those cases in which it is not, there is explaining help available via the small round 'i' buttons. All information in the sidebar is updated automatically and regularly. Price information is even updated instantly.

The secons half of the Sidebar

Letting the sidebar present all information offers a lot of insight about the market for alpha desktop traders, but it can be too much.

Hidden blocks

If you do not need all infos and statistics at hand or if you prefer a more compact view of it, you can choose which blocks you wanna see and which you wnat to hide. You can use the small checkboxes next to the titles of the blocks. This decision is saved too and you will from then on only see those info blocks that you wanted to see.


Sometimes presenting the complete infos available would clutter the sidebar and destroy the layout. For example for maturing bonds it is unnecessary to present the complete bond name and ASIN all the time. If you think a ASIN and the ask price look promising hover with the mouse over the link to get more information. This works on all linked securities.

The sidebar offers information about new orders, latest news postings, latest message board postings, bonds close to their maturing date, stocks that were most frequently traded in the last 24 hours, stocks that had the biggest trading volume in the last 24 hours, price winners and losers regarding the difference of their last closing prices, newest companies that were founded by players or spare companies founded by Alphabanker, interest rates, best companies, best users and best alliances.

Updates on (20180913)

Move, Moderate and Search Message Board Postings & Disable Notification Popups

This smaller release features three improvements for postings and the possibility to disable notification popups.

Move Message Board Postings

It is now possible to move message board postings from one message board to another (sub)board of the same message board branch. That means you can move it to the root message board and all subboards of it.

Message Board Posting

The posting's message board is shown.

Posting's message board

It can be changed to its new board.

New message board

Afterwards the user will be redirected to the set message board.

Moderate Postings

It's now possible to moderate message board and news posts. Everyone can (try to) edit or delete postings but only if you have the permission to do so you can actually perform that task.

Moderation buttons

This allows message board moderators to edit, move or delete other author's postings and alliance press officers to edit the news postings of another press officer.

Search Message Board Postings

The discussions table of a message board now offers a search field.

Search postings

This allow you to search for all postings of the message board and its subboards including comments.

Search discussions

Disable Notification Popups

If you have a lot of open orders it can happen that get notified about successful trades and such every few seconds. To prevent you getting notification spammed or if you are on a mobile device it is now possible to turn the notification popups off.

Turned on notification popups

Turning them off does not affect the notification count, you just do not see those blue detailed notification popups.

Turned off notification popups

If you are interested in what is going on you can still click on the bell and check out the detailed notifications in the table of the notifications page.

Updates on (20180802)

Alliances, History, Achievevements & Font Awesome Icon Update

This release features four big changes. To allow players to collaborate and play together alliances were added.


An alliance is a group of players that unite. It comes along with a message board and chat.


An alliance has a name, a formatted description, a locale and members.


You can change its name, its description, its logo and its logo with the alliance properties.


Members can be added or removed and existing memberships can be adjusted there too. The usage should be well-known already from chatrooms and message boards.

User with alliance

Once a user joined or create an alliance it will be visible on the user's profile page. It shows the alliance and the role of the user's membership.

List of Alliances

To find existing alliances or found a new one you can check out the Community->Alliances page.

Alliances Highscore

All alliances take part in the alliance highscores. Every highscore including those of users and companies has now a descriptive subtitle to its tile.

Cooperation between Alliances

The alliance's chat and message board are only loosely connected to the alliance. If a member joins or leaves the alliance it is automatically added as an author to the alliance's chat and message board. The owner of the alliance can then adjust permissions in the chat and message board and even add users to them that are not a member of the alliance (yet). This way it is possible for alliances to cooperate closely without the need of unifying the alliances too.

History Pages

Alliances, Companies and Users now have history pages.

Alliance History

The history keeps track on major milestones and changes.

User History


Not only users can earn achievements, companies can earn AlphaCoins and trophies through reaching certain achievment goals.

Alliance Achievements

Alliances can earn achievements too. Once an alliance reached a new achievement, all logged in members are informed about it. Every member of the alliance can then collect the reward which is then sent to all members equally.


Font Awesome Icon Update

All icons were upgraded to the latest Font Awesome icon set. In the course of that all buttons and page titles got icons. Some icons were changed to represent their use case better.

Updates on (20180730)

Quick Ordering & Market Filter Results

A new quick ordering system was added to the website and market filter results get presented better.

Quick Ordering

Quick ordering can be active for your private portfolio or the corporate portfolio of the currently selected company.

Enabling Quick Ordering

It can be used on different pages, for example the portfolio.

Disabled Buttons

Once you click on the grey quick order buttons you are asked whether you want to start quick ordering on this page. Afterwards the order is sent and all quick order buttons are enabled.

Enabled Quick Order Buttons

The first icon shows you wether you are using your private portfolio or the corporate one.

Refresh buttons were added to several tables with quick ordering function.

Refresh Buttons

You can use the quick ordering function in tables on the portfolio page, the securities list page, the orderbook page, the market filter results and the listing page.

Listing with Quick Ordering Support

Better Market Filter Results

The presentation of market filter results was improved. Values are formatted according to their type, translations were added and quick ordering was enabled as well.

Market Filter Results with Quick Ordering

Updates on (20180725)

Message Boards

Despite some performance improvements, some minor bug fixes and some layout tweaks this release features message boards.

New Menu Group

To gather all pages that deal with the community a new navigation group in the sidebar was added: Community.



There are public and private message boards. Public message boards can be found without invitation and everyone can join and discuss in them. Once you participate a message board or join one or be added to one you see those message boards in your message board subscriptions.

Message Board Subscriptions


If you have the impression that a message board title or description are offending or against legal law use the complaint button to file a complaint about and send a notification message to the owner.


Newest Discussions

The main message boards page shows supscriptions and newest discussions of your subscribed message boards.

Newes Discussions

List of Public Message Boards

On the main message boards page you can browse all public message boards.

List of Public Message Boards 

Open a new Message Board

On the main message boards page you can add new message boards.

New Board


Message Board Page

If you open a message board you see its subboards (if it has any) and the discussions of it.

Message Board Page

You can start a new thread below.

New thread


Message Board Properties

You can change the name, description, locale and visibility of a message board.

You can change memberships, add members or remove them too.




You can add subboards to any (sub)board on its page.

New Subboard

Updates on (20180618)

Highscores, Achievements, Ordering by Volume & Layout Changes

This time we focused on creating some highscores for users and companies.


The newly added highscores can be found in the side menu bar.


There are highscore tables for users and for companies. They get automatically updated in blocks during the day.

User Highscore

There are four different user highscores:

  • Achievements - the higher the percentage the better the rank
  • Miner - who mines the most coins per hour
  • Chat Messages - the sum of sent chat messages
  • Trades - the number of personal trades in the last ten days

Company Highscore

There are five company highscores:

  • Book Value - the higher the better (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Net Cash - more means better ranked (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Trades - the number of corporate trades in the last ten days
  • Cashflow - the higher the better (fixed daily, check the listing profile)
  • Central Bank Reserves - for all the banks (fixed daily, check the listing profile)

New Achievements

New Achievements for the user highscores were added.

New Achievements

Ordering Securities & Issuing Bonds by Volume

You can now input the cash sum and use a button to set the number of shares to trade.


Issuing bonds by entereing the cash sum is now possible too.

Issuing Bonds by Cash amount

Cleaning up the Top Bar

The company selection and the cash infos were moved to the sidebar, hence there is more free space for showing market information on the desktop in a future release and the layout isn't broken on mobile phones.

Company Selection

Updates on (20180611)

Historized Data for Listings & Companies, 2 Employ CEO Polls, Localized Lobby Chats etc.

This release includes several smaller changes and one big feature. Let's have a look at the biggest feature first.

Historized Data

Every 24 hours the most important data of listings are fixed and historized. The fixed data includes the date of the fixing, OHLC prices for the timespan between two fixings (or the start date of the listing for new listings), the current bid and ask prices, the demand and offer of shares (the sum of shares in buy and sell orders), the number of outstanding shares and the trading volume (the sum of volume traded of the listing within that period).

Listing Development

For active companies there is more data in a second table. Cash sum, cashflow (the change of the bank account within that period), bonds volume, repos volume, system repos volume, book value, book value per share, net cash, net cash per share and the amount of central bank reserves.

Company Development

The tables can be found on every listing profile page. Once there is sufficient data, charts for the different data columns can be added in an upcoming release.

Net Cash & Book Value

Net cash, net cash per share, book value and book value per share are shown in the company details box on stock listing profiles.

Net Cash & Book Value

The net cash per share and book value per share values appear green when the current ask price is below the value, red when the ask price is higher and in the usual grey if they are the same or there is no share on the sell side at all.

Employ CEO Polls

To avoid employment CEO poll spamming every player can only have two active ceo employment polls per company.

Localized Lobby Chats

The Alphabanker creates Lobby Chats according to the used locale. There is a german and an english speaking one (besides the existing Lobby Chat). All are still public chatrooms. New players will become members of the fitting chatroom automatically.

Localized Lobby Chats


You may have noticed the new Blog menu item. It's basically the same content as the changelog but it is available without being logged in, allowing visitors and search enginge crawlers get more information without the need of logging in.


Central Bank Reserves Interest Rate

The banking page now shows the current interest rate on central bank reserves.

Interest Rate

Top Lists is now listed on several browsergame top list websites.

Top Lists

Google Search Analysis

Some fun facts from the google search analysis:

  • Most visitors come from Brazil, Colombia, India and Germany (in that order)
  • We get the most clicks and impressions of search terms similiar to like 'alphatrader' or 'alpha traders' and misspelled searches like 'alfa trader'
  • The highest ranked english term is 'stock simulator' followed by 'financial market' and 'share game'
  • The highest ranked foreign search term is 'börsenspiel' (German for stock exchange game) followed by 'börsenspiel 2018' and 'Marktmodell' (German for market model)

Updates on (20180531)

Progressive Web App (PWA), Welcome Pages for new Players & SEO

This release focused on improving the game's accessibility.

Progressive Web App

In order to turn the mobile weg page into a progressive web app the page was improved in terms of performance and accessibility. A service worker for better caching, offline functionality and faster responses was set up.

100% PWAAfter you have interacted for at least 30 seconds with the website a button for adding it to the home screen appears.

Add to Home Screen

In case you do not want to wait or the button does not appear, you can use the browser menu to call the add to home screen action manually. Progressive web apps have no browser bars and appear like a native app but show a web page.


Welcome Pages

For introducing new players to the website and for providing all important information to visitors two welcome pages were added. One in German and one in English.

Welcome Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to provide more usefule information to visitors from search engines, every page got a new describing title and a description which will be shown in search results. Additional other measures were taken to improve the overall quality of search results.

Updates on (20180527)

Tour, In-Game Help and Market Filter Optimization

The current release focused on helping especially the new users to get into the game.

The Tour

After registering a new user the tour starts immediately.

The tour starts

The tour explains all the most important parts of the game and lets the user make first steps.

A sample explanation

You visit all important pages with explanations of the most important parts. Just enough to give you all the information that you need to start.

Resume the tour


It can be finished after some minutes. It's always possible to stop the tour by clicking on the Exit button or by clicking the x in the upper right corner.

The tour page

You can always resume or redo the tour at any time. Everyone can choose the way that fits the best.


In-Game Help

The most difficult to grasp concepts, terms and UI elements got clickable in-game help. To put all the help into the game is an on-going progress. At its end the wiki won't be needed anymore and the external forum too. The in-game help is a step towards that goal.

In-game help

Wherever you see that small round i button you can click it to open the in-game help for further information.


In-game help popup

After clicking the explanation help text pops up.

Not only were in-game help popus added, some pages got explanatory texts as well.

Page with explanation

Market Filter Optimization and Notifying about new Messages and Polls

The market filters got a makeover to deal better with the enormous amount of securities that we already have in the market. Some UI bug fixes were made as well as some performance optimizations.

New chat messages are highlighted in the sidebar now.

Chat highlight

There is a highlight for new polls that you have not cast any votes in yet too.

Polls highlight

Calculate the average Buying Price

The average buying price is calculated based on your orders. Be aware of that sometimes securities get into your portfolio without trades. For example when founding a new company, becoming CEO of a spare company or when a bond defaults.

Average buying price

There is a new button in every portfolio position.

Updates on (20180429)

Achievements, Current Orders and new Market Filter Option

In this release we focused on helping you track your progress with achievements.


Achievements are milestones that you can reach once or periodically. As a start there are currently five achievements:

  1. My first Coin: To achieve that one you need to transfer a coin to your portfolio
  2. Novice Trader: Place an order
  3. Trading Expert: Trade 100 times
  4. Five Orders per Day: Trade five times a day (can be achieved every day)
  5. 100 Trades per Week: Trade 100 times a week (can be achieved every week)

As a reward you get one, ten or 100 AlphaCoins for the currently existing achievements (more to come).

Achievements in Progress

You can track your progress for each achievement that you haven't reached yet.


Achieved ones are shown in another table. You see when you have reached it and you can transfer you coin reward to your own portfolio.

Periodical Achievement

Once you have reached a periodic achievement you can check the Date of End column when you can get it the next time. Take care that you need to click the coin reward button within that period to get your AlphaCoin.

Achievement accomplished

Once you have reached an achievement you will get a popup notification about it.


You can check your achievements via the sidebar menu.

Coin Reward ready

The sidebar changes when there are coins to fetch.

Level in Likes

Achievement level in chat

Wherever a user is shown you can check his/her achievement level. The color and number reflects the percentage of how many achievements the user has reached.

User profile

You can check a user's achievements by clicking on the achievement level or trophy icon.


Current Orders

The Live Market Statistics page shows the current orders.

Current Orders


New Market Filter Option

It is now possible to filter textual fields by not containing a string.

Does not contain filter

Updates on (20180412)

AlphaCoins, Graphics and Companies

Just a week has passed since the last release but here is another one :)


AlphaCoins is a new digital currency that is securitized and listed. AlphaCoins can be created by users with their miner.

My Alphacoins

Every user owns a miner. It can be found through the sidebar under [USER] -> My AlphaCoins.

AlphaCoins Miner

On top of the page the current price for an AlphaCoin is shown. It helps you to estimate the current worth of your mining process and is a link to the AlphaCoins' listing as well.

A miner produces a fixed amount of coins per hour. Mined coins can be transferred to the user's portfolio by clicking the the transfer button. A miner has a maximum capacity of coins it can store which is reached every 20 hours in case the user hasn't transferred yet.

Full miner

Once the miner is full a symbol in the navigation reminds you to transfer your mined coins. However you can transfer every fully mined coin whenever your mining produces one.

Upgraded miner

Miner can be upgraded to get more coins per hour. Upgrades get more and more expensive while the mining output increases.

AlphaCoins in the sidebarThe AlphaCoins' listing can be accessed like every other security listing but has its own link in the sidebar too.

New listing type

As you can see AlphaCoins uses a new type of listing called 'Coin'.

Trasferred coins

To turn AlphaCoins into cash you can sell them like every other security on the market. You are free to hold them if you expect its price to rise too.

Game Graphics

As you may have noticed in the alpha section above features some new graphics in order to create a more game-like feeling. There are two more new graphics added to the game.

A successful actionA successful action shows the happy alpha trader.

A unsuccessful action

An unsuccessful action shows the angry alpha trader.

Companies Page

You can now browse all companies by using the new companies page.

Companies list page

You can find it in the sidebar in the market section.

Companies page in the sidebar

Updates on (20180405)

Your own portfolio and performance improvements

This release features two milestones:

  • My portfolio - you can trade with your private cash
  • PHP-free UI - the website relies on html, css and js only and hence reacts faster

My Portfolio

Your own portfolio offers a variety of new possibilities. Despiting the ability to trade with the money you have earned as a CEO stocks of your newly founded companies are transferred to your own portfolio.

Changed sidebar

The former user page is separated into five subpages now. The first shows some information about the user and his employments. 'My Portfolio' leads to the new personal portfolio. 'Account Statement', 'Polls' and 'Found company' hold the boxes which were shown on the old user page.

Your message

Chat messages sent by yourself and all clearly personal pages like your own portfolio and your user page for example share the same background color in order to give you certainty about being in a personal or corporate context without the need to check the sidebar.

Shareholders with private investor

Private investors can be found in the securities' shareholders page. 

Repo-free portfolio

For portfolios that do not contain any repos the repos chart is not displayed anymore.

PHP-free UI

What has started with the beginnning of the last release has now come to an end: The website is driven via JavaScript only. Additionally several measurements were taken in order to improve the site's performance:

  • Minimized HTML, CSS, JS and images with a new gulp.js build
  • New templating engine
  • Use of CDNs for all external libraries
  • Heavy caching of all assets (HTML, CSS, JS and images)
  • Usage of minified CSS and JS for external libraries only

New URI scheme

A new URI scheme got implemented. There is no need of "/en/" or "/de/" in the addresses anymore. Old URLs still do work however. They are redirected to match the new URI scheme.

Surfing to a non-existing page

The error page got a makeover. It offers you 3 ways to deal with the error you have experienced. You can try it out by yourself.

The new error page

It lets you send an email with your email app in case anything does not work anymore. It shows a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Every page has an own title now to prevent you getting lost with several open windows or tabs.

You can find the dev and nightly branch under new addresses (the old ones are redirected too):

Pillow Tabs

The two usages of tabs are replaced with pillow tabs for more clean rendering.


Notifications and the login/registration page now use pillow tabs.

Login page

Alpha Bank Shortcut

It is now possible to get to the Alpha Bank via the sidebar.

Alpha Bank in the sidebar

Improved Order Page

Placing an order moved up in the sidebar to make clear that it is the same page for your own and for a corporate portfolio.

Place Order in sidebar

The order page distinguishes between your personal portfolio and the corporate one of the currently selected company.

Corporate portfolio selected

The backbground color changes when you select 'My Portfolio' to ensure you with which portfolio you are placing this order.

My portfolio selected

The form got a slight makeover to make it clear which options were chosen.

The order form

It is now possible to delete old orders.

Old order deletion

Date pickerMarket Filters

The market filters got a slight layout makeover featuring arrows to show which fiter part is collapsed.

Maket filters collapsibles

Banking Page

The baking page makes it clear what is needed to request a banking license now.

Banking license page

Security Page Layout

The security profile features more equally high boxes now.

Security profile page

News Layout Improvements

The news posts got a layout makeover to prevent text from overlapping the post's box.

News articleImproved Login Page

If you happen to not be able to log in anymore or if you have a problem registering a new user you can now use the email form on the login page.

Message our support

Email formImproved Notifies

Notifications will now be shown with all of their details in the upper right corner. ASINs are automatically replaced by links to let you get to the traded security without the need to open the notifications page.

Improved notify

Updates on (20171031)

Performance and Usability Updates

  • The search box in the top bar uses the websocket API
  • The amount of private cash is now updated instantly (no reloading of page required)
  • Switching the company does not require a page reload anymore
  • A new employment, being dismissed, founding a company or the liquidation of a controlled company leads to instant updates in the company switch and if necessary to an update of the sidebar
  • The amount of corporate cash is now updated instantly (no reloading of page required)
  • The sidebar will now highlight the current position correctly and faster
  • The 'change email address' and 'change username' pages present the current email address or username
  • A change of the private or corparate cash will instantly result in a color change in the top bar and the trend indicating arrow will be changed
  • One notification at a time will be displayed as notify popup in the top center of the page when it is receiverd
  • The orderbook page makes use of the faster websocket API

Improved Order Acceptance

To reduce the number of necessary trades new accepted orders will be merged with orders of the same kind. Example:

If you order 123 stocks for 99.99$ and you have already an open buy order about 100 stocks for the the same price the old order will be deleted and a new order with 223 stocks will be accepted.

As a result the number of orders and trades is reduced accordingly. Less security order log entries, fewer price fixations, faster order executions and fewer notifications also result from this change.

API Updates

Login & Registration

Login page

  • The login and registration pages are now combined in a single page
  • Additionally to logging in and registering a new account it is now possible to immediately start playing the game by using a demo account. It only takes two clicks to have a new account.
  • The whole page is localized and gets translated everytime the language is changed

Improved Notifications

Notifications page

  • The notifications page speed was improved by using the websocket connection
  • Now all existing notifications can be accessed by a paged table
  • There is a tab for all notifications and another one which shows all notifications for the currently selected company (filtered by ASIN)
  • Both tabs show the number of unread notifications (red) and the total number of notifications (blue)
  • The Tabs will be instantly updated when there is a change of notifications or selected company
  • Notifcations can now be marked as read, marked as unread or deleted
  • Every ASIN is converted into a link

User Profile

The user profile pages are are improved in terms of speed by using the websocket API.

The new userbox

The new userbox got slight changes as seen above.


The presentation of the polls and its votes have been dramatically changed. The details of the vote are presented on table on the left the votes themselves on the right.

Founding a company

Founding a company now shows the amount of private cash instantly updated if a change occurs (e.g. by getting a salary payment).

Private account statement

The private account statement now uses the websocket access and links to listing profiles by their ASINs.


The employment table is shown below and shows the employing companies with their logos.

New Newspaper

The newspaper makes now use of the websocket API access. Despite the perfomance gain the usability was improved as well.

Two-colum layout

If the screen is wide enough the newspaper switches to a two-column layout. Long articles are shortened and get a button to unfold the rest of the article. Images within the article's content get resized if the they overflow the articles width. All images with HTTP sources are proxied by the Alpha Trader content delivery network and ensure a fast and secure HTTPS access. All links in the articles open in a new window or tab. For articles of companies the company's logo is shown as well as the author. Both are linked with their profile pages.

The new editor

The new editor has a cleaner interface. You can choose to publish as your personal user or as the currently selected company of yours. You have to choose a language. The default is the language you have choosen on the login page. The language you choose results in a corresponding flag in the bottom right corner of the article. It is also used for increasing its potential interest for users who like or disclike articles of the same language.

Top stories vs most recent

Top stories are the newspaper articles that match the liking habits of the reading user the most. The new newspaper lets you decide if you prefer to see articles that match your liking habits or if you prefer to see the newest articles first without sorting it according to your interest.

Interest details

By clicking on the 'i' button in the top right corner of any article you can see and adjust your interest in the article.

The overall interest decreases by growing age of the article. Thus older articles will get a lower interest score than in the beginning when they were new. Additionally the system measures the amount of 'boredom' you get after reading an article. The boredom is the highest after reading the article and decreases slowly over time. As a result you will see the articles that interests you the most and that you haven't read for a while or at all.

A comment

Comments are now presented like articles. As you can see in the example above articles and comments show when they were last edited.

A deleted comment

You can even see when a comment has been deleted in case it has sub-comments itself.

Likes and dislikes of an article

Likes and dislikes are now presented within the article after clicking the button on the right of the thumbs.

Filing a complaint

Complaints about articles are filed within the article as well.

Listing Profile

The profile page of a listing now uses the faster websocket API. Additionally changes of spread and price data are now instantly updated. If another user trades or orders in a way that price and spread data changes you will see those changes in real time in the upper price data box or in case of a trade in the chart as well.

Updated price data

Order form

The order form is drastically improved in terms of performance by using the faster websocket API. Listings and counter parties are only loaded on demand with a fast search.

The new order formThe number of shares and the limit can be entered according to your locale. You can use a currency symbol or percent symbol for fixed income securies like bonds too. There are buttons for the minimum and maximum possible price limits, for bid, ask and the last price. All price information is updated instantly.

A button for deleting all orders

Orders can be cancelled with a button now.

Modify or duplicate an order

A single order can be deleted or duplicated. The order form will be filled with the order's data.Create a counter order

OTC counter orders can be created with a single click.

Shareholders Page

The shareholders page also uses the websocket API and got some minor layout improvements.

Pie chart

The shareholders are presented in a pie chart.

Shareholders as a table

And in a table with their logos and all numbers formatted according to the user's locale.


The portfolio uses the faster websocket API.

A position

The position table got a slight make-over with two buttons and a combines column for name and ASIN.

Sell all positions button

A new button makes it possible to sell all positions of a portfolio with market orders.


Issue Bonds Page

The issue bonds page uses the faster websocket API.

Issue new bonds form

The issue new bonds form allows to enter face value and interest rate with or without symbols.

Bonds table

Fixed income securities in the companies portfolio are presented in a table.

Account Statement

The account statement page uses the faster websocket api. It now offers to access a lot of trades and cash transfers by still staying fast. You can sort columns and search for ASINs and such.

Table of trades

The company's trades are in the first table.

Table of bank transfersThe bank account is in the second table.

Banking Page

The company's banking page uses the faster websocket.

Banking page

Securities List

The table on the securities list page now uses the faster websocket API.

The securities table

Bonds List

The table on the bonds list page now uses the faster websocket API.

Bonds list table

Users List

The table on the user list page now uses the faster websocket API.

Users table

The table also offers a username search.

Live Market Statistics

The live statistics now uses the faster websocket API to instantly update the statistics tables.

Securities tables

There are two tables for currently traded securities and newes securites.

Newest users table

Another table shows the newest users.

Hourly Market Charts

The chart data is retrieved via the faste websocket API. Instead of displaying all charts at once only one chart at a time is shown in order to prevent the browser from lagging.


Updates on (20171028)


It is possible from now on to liquidate Companies which hold own bonds and repos. 

Salary Payments

Pay Salaries Button

There is a new button in the employments section on your user profile page. By clicking it all payable salaries of your controlled companies will be paid.

Market Filters

Instead of straying around in huge tables there is now a new way of finding securities to invest in: Market Filters.

Market Filters

Market Filters let you find securities by defining your own criteria. In order to find securities all criteria need to match. Applying one single criterion that does not match will lead to no results at all.

Filter Import

It is possible to share your filters with your trading buddies. The first box of the market filters lets you manage your saved filters. In it you can import a filter by its filter id.

Saved Filters

A table with your saved filters follows. It shows the name of the filter, the date of its last run and actions that can be taken:

  • Delete
    • Removes the saved filter
  • Export
    • Copies the filter's id to the clipboard allowing you to share the filter with other alpha traders
  • Duplicate
    • Creates a new filter with the same content. This function is useful when you want to back up a filter before changing it or to fork a new filter from a base filter you defined
  • Load
    • Shows the filter's criteria and let it filter the market

Filter Name

The second box shows the filter's criteria. First you can specify a name for the filter. This is optional but by doing so you let the system save the filter once you run it. Filters are identified by their names. Hence you can overwrite an existing filter by setting its name on a new filter. If you leave the field blank you can still run the filter but be aware that once you leave the page it will be gone.

Filter Criteria

Currently a filter offers three filter groups: Stock exchange listing, Price Spread Information and Last Price. In a filter group you can combine several criteria. A criterion consists of three parts: A property (e.g. the name of a security), an operator (e.g. 'contains' for matching textual parts) and a value (e.g. 'Alpha Bank' for all securities containing that name). In the table you find two more columns: Description and a column with a Delete button. The description explains the property, the button lets you delete the criterion.

Below the table there is an add criterion row. It let's you pick the property you want to look for, the operator and the value. If you delete a criterion those three fields will be filled with the content of the deleted criterion.

Date Picker Widget

For date properties you can use a handy date picker widget.

Property is not set

If you choose the operators "is set" or "is not set" you cannot or do not need to supply a value. Hence the text field does not show in this case. In the image above you can see a criterion that matches if the end date of a security is not set. This means the listing of the security has not ended. You will find listings which are still active. If you chose "is set" however you would find past listings.

Selection of Values

Some properties have a fixed set of possible values. The textfield is replaced by a selection dropdown box for those.

Search Buttons

Once you add or delete a criterion the filter will be run. You can manually trigger the filtering process by clicking on the search button below the criteria. To reset the criteria you can press the new filter button. It does not change a saved filter. It only empties the form.


At the end of the market filters page are the results of the search: The matching securities. Now you can click on the ASIN to further inspect the security and eventually invest in it.

Updates on (20170730)

New Partner

Fürst von Royal Stiftung welcomes Fürst von Royal Stiftung as a new member of the official Alpha network.

New Chat

We improved the performance of the chat feature significantly by introducing a websocket interface to the REST and messaging API. By this architectural change it is now possible to send and receive chat messages instantly. Although the new chat is much faster it adds fewer load to the server which results in a performance improvement of the whole website.

Not only the performance was improved, there are a bunch of new features as well. The interface was newly designed to achieve a better usability too.

The Chat Message

The new chat message

Every message highlights if the sender is currently logged in and active or offline. It's now easily possible to quote a message by clicking on the quotation mark button.

Two buttons for getting rid of the message

The two buttons on the left can be used to file a complaint about the message and to delete the message. Whether you are allowed to delete a message or not depends on you having the ownership of the message (a.k.a. being the sender of it) or having the rights to delete messages in this particular chat.

Roles, Rights and Moderation

The chat roles

To enable chat moderation several roles have been added. The next role in the table includes all the rights of the roles above:

ReaderHas the right to read a message and to file a complaint about it
AuthorHas the right to send a message and delete it
ModeratorHas the right to delete a message of an other user and to remove him/her from the chat
DeputyHas the right to change the role of a user, to add users to the chat and to change the chat itself
OwnerOwns the chat and has the exclusive right to delete it

It is possible for a chat to have more than one owner.

List of Chats


The chat overview now shows some more information about the chat.


The eye indicates that it is a public chatroom. Public chatrooms can be seen by everyone and everyone can join them as he/she pleases. The next symbol indicates that it is a group chat. Every chat with more than two members is considered to be a group chat.

Hovering a chat

If you hover a chat a properties button appears. You can click on it to see or adjust the chat's properties and its members

Adding a new Chat

Adding a new chat

By clicking on "New Chat" it is possible to create a new chat.

A new chat

You can optionally set a name which will appear in the chats list. It is possible to let the chat be writable by every member (Everyone can write) or to be readonly (Only me and privileged). In a readonly chat only owners and deputies are allowed to write. You can choose if you want  the chat to be a private conversation or a public chatroom.

Adding Members and setting Roles

Chat members

 Once you have created a chat you can add other members and adjust their roles. The online status on every user is indicated on the username in the same way as it is indicated in chat messages. It is possible to adjust the role of existing members and to add members having a certain role. Additionally you can remove members from the chat. If you remove the (last) owner of a private chat it will be deleted. In a public chat the next most privileged user will become the owner.

Leaving/Deleting a Chat

Leave/delete chat

If you enter the properties of a chat, you notice the button to leave or delete the chat.

Leave chat / delete chat

By clicking on it two more buttons are expanded. They enable you to leave (take care if you are the (last) owner of a chat) or to to delete the chat.

Public Chatrooms

Listing chatrooms

 If you click on "List of Chatrooms" a table with all public chatrooms will appear:

List of chatrooms

The table can be filtered by using the table's search field. It is sorted by number of members in descending order. You can join a chatroom by clicking on the "Join Chatroom" button.

It is also possible to look for chatrooms with a particular member:

Member search

The Lobby

The Lobby

"Lobby" is a special chatroom. Every new user joins it automatically.

Unread Chats

Unread chats

The browser title indicates that unread chats exist.

Messaging all Shareholders of a Company

Message all shareholders

Every company profile features a new button to message all shareholders. By pressing it a new private readonly chat will be opened. It can be used to send ad-hoc messages or takeover bids and such to the shareholders.

For the API Users: The Websocket

It is now possible to access the API via Websockets. The UI shows the state of the websocket connection with the user icon on the top right of the website:


A grey user indicates that the websocket is connecting (can be seen a short time between page switchs), a green user icon shows an established websocket connection and the red one appears in case of a connection loss. A a connection loss can appear during a backend restart or while using an unreliable internet connection as for example while using a mobile phone. Even a disconnected websocket can send messages in the UI. They are cached until the the websocket connection is established again.

The Alpha-Trader websocket API is capable of accessing the whole REST API as well as subscribing to some special topics. Example:

Send "GET /api/v2/my/chats" to "/app/wsconsole/" to get all chats with the current users particpation. To receive the answer you have to subscribe to "/user/topic/wsconsole/" before(!) sending the message. Websockets are a subscribe-publish way of accessing in constrat to the request-response approach of a HTTP REST API access.

To establish a websocket connection connect to "https://<branch>" while branch being the name of the AT branch (dev, nightly or stable). To authorize against the backend connect with a STOMP header with the token "'Authorization' : 'Bearer ' + token".

Additionally to the wsconsole topic you can subscribe to the following special topics:

  • /user/topic/my/chats - receives all changes of the chats with the logged in user's participation
  • /user/topic/notifications - receives all new notifications of the user
  • /user/topic/chatmessages/<chatId> - receives all changes of chat message of chat with id <chatId

In order to avoid mixing results of Console accesses, you can provide a unique identifier <consoleId>:

Subscribe to /user/topic/wsconsole/<consoleId> and send to /app/wsconsole/<consoleId>

Subscriptions to /user/ are always secured to only the user that subscribed it.



Updates on (20170504)

Price Spreads

It is now possible to lower a price to 0.01 cash units and 0.0001% for fixed income securities like bonds, respectively.

Renard joins the Alpha Team

The Public Relations department of the Alpha Team grows by another member. Renard has a lot of experience in the areas of social media, video and marketing. His excellent skills will help to address a new audience.


Additionally, his joyful Let's Play videos and thrilling live panel discussions on Youtube enrich the Alpha-Trader Network. Please have a look at his famous partner project Ma'guggn Ma'gazin. Renard joins as Senior Press Secretary with a focus on social media.

Faster Order Settlement

The Order Settlement Engine got a major performance and stability upgrade. Matching Orders can now be settled every 500ms in average.

Updates on (20170317)

Employ CEO Poll

If the initiator of an employ ceo poll already has more than 50 percent of all voices the poll will be immediately executed. It is not necessary any more to vote and cast the vote manually. Hence taking over a company only takes a single click.

Additionally, the minimum company age from which on employ ceo polls are possible is lowered from 7 to 3 days and for companies with only one single share holder (e.g. the company itself) it is always possible.


The Alpha Team sets a focus to explain all important or complex mechanics and terms in the official Wiki.

Search the Wiki

For gaining deep insight on a specific topic you only need to select the unknown term(s). A menu with a direct link to the wiki search will appear.


To access older chat messages scrolling to the top of the chat is sufficient. Before only the last 50 messages could be accessed.

New Server

Due to hardware defects of the old server a new server was rented, set up and frontend and backend have been moved to it. The new server offers a slightly better hardware setup and hopefully less downtime because of hardware defects.

Updates on (20170205)

Liquidation Polls

To prevent spamming of liquidation polls the rules for a liquidation poll were adjusted. A liquidation poll can now only be demanded for companies which already consist of cash and/or own shares only. To reduce the amount of time needed to liquidate a compnay to a minimum the voting duration of a liquidation poll is reduced from 7 to 1 day.


Alpha Bank

Companies that got overtaken by Alphabanker will be liquidated. They enter a 3-step procedure short time after the takeover. The companies sell their own shares to the bank and sell the whole portfolio using market sell orders afterwards. Eventually the companies get liquidated, when they consist only of cash.

New Alpha Bank Logo

The Alpha Bank got a new logo. Many thanks to our Alpha Team member JohnDahl who did a fantastic design job.


Central Bank

The interest rate for central bank reserves is increased from 25% of the daily main interest rate to 90%. Hence banks can earn more interest on their reserves.



Shareholders Pie Chart

There is a new pie chart showing the propotion of shares.


Number of Unread Messages

A circled number is indicating the number of unread messages in that particular chat.

Message Complaint

It's now possible to file a complaint about a message.


Password Reset

In case you cannot remember your password you can now use the "Forgot password?" function on the login page.

User Account

User Menu

The user menu in the top right corner offers severel ways to change your user account. You can now set a new password, email address or even change your username.

Change Email Page

Updates on (20170103)

amCharts is now using the more powerful amCharts library.

New amChart on Listing Profile

The line charts on listing profiles and on the market statistics site got replaced. The new charts offer a cleaner visualization and more data inspection features.

New Pie Charts

Also the pie charts of the portfolio were replaced by amCharts ones.


In order to minimize the market inflation three chances to the banking sector were made:

  1. Central bank reserves carry a daily interest: The reserve interest rate is a quarter of the daily main interest rate
  2. The ratio of reserves to taken loans is reduced from 1.10 to 0.10
  3. The central bank caps the amount of loans given: If the hourly maximum amount of system bonds gets exceeded, the issuance of new system bonds is rejected until free volume is available again within the next hour.

The Alpha Bank tries to take over a company as soon as it has reached a 40% share of it.


Newspaper now provides an integrated newspaper. It is a timeline that shows most interesting news posts. Every user can post news herself either as user or in the name of a company.

News: HTML-Editor included

The newspaper offers an integrated HTML-Editor. It is possible to use different formatting tags, images, tables and so on. For those who are familiar with HTML the editor offers the use of own source code as well.

News: Can be liked

The news can be commented and liked/disliked, which leads to a change in the user's interest for the post itself, its author and so on. Besides the individual interest a community interest is calculated based on the likes, dislikes and comments of other users. In order to express a sudden opinion change a like/dislike can always be changed by the reader.

News: Offer Hashtags

 Hashtags are supported. They can be used by the author to narrow down the target audience. The reader can click on a hashtag to list all news that uses the hashtag.

News: Complaints are possible

The reader can file a complaint by clicking the small 'x' on the left, when he feels offended by an article or in the case of a law violation. The complainer will never see the article again.

News: Can be edited or deleted

The author of a post can edit or delete it. A deletion of a company's post can always be done by the current CEO, even if he is not the author of the post. Only the author himself can edit his posts though.

Modelwise comments are posts like news too. They contain two references: One to the post they are commenting on and one to the root post that started the discussion. A comment can be deleted like a news post. If it has comments itself however, it will only be emptied giving the author the possibility to step away from its content. The comment post will not be completely deleted in order to preserve the attached discussion.


Alpha Team welcomes Alain

The Alpha Team grows by another member of the Public Relations department.


Alain joins as Senior Press Secretary with a focus on social media. His wealth of experience and knowledge has already made him a key addition to the Alpha-Trader family.